Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picking The Right Lock

This past weekend several of us attended an excellent two-day training session on lock security offered by Schuyler Towne of Open Locksport. Two full days of picking locks, impressioning keys, and opening handcuffs brought physical security to the forefront for me. It seemed like the perfect time to do an overview of some of the popular non-destructive lock bypass techniques, and the ways we can mitigate them.

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Increasing Security With Chroot Jails

In the world of information security, you have to assume that hackers will get into your network. Whether using a zero-day exploit, sending malicious emails to your employees or taking advantage of poor coding in use on your webpage, attackers are coming for you. Your job as an administrator is to make it as difficult as possible for an attacker to gain access as well as being able to detect and mitigate an attack after it occurs. This is why practicing “defense in-depth” must be an essential part of your everyday thought process. When deploying new services, devices, or applications, you should think to yourself: “If this were compromised, how could I mitigate the risk of an attacker advancing further into my network?” In come chroot jails.

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January 5th, The Most Stressful Day of the Year – But It Doesn’t Have To Be For You And Your Information Security Program!

Recently I read an article stating that January 5th is the most stressful day of the year. This is based on a number of factors including the holidays ending, work resuming, cold gloomy weather, etc. While I can’t attest to whether this is true, I can share a few thoughts if information security is adding to your stress level!

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