Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taking Data Loss Prevention To Data Loss Acceleration

“OpenDLP is a free and open source, agent-based, centrally managed, massively distributable data loss prevention tool.” This is how creator Andrew Gavin defines OpenDLP. While this tool could be used to monitor sensitive data on hundreds of systems simultaneously, it could also be used to steal massive amounts of data very quickly.

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Is Your e-file Tax Return Secure?

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New Vulnerability Alert by SecureState Now Available!

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Cleveland OWASP Chapter Meeting Announcement

SecureState is proud to sponsor the Cleveland chapter of OWASP and we are bringing back the quarterly meetings by bringing in some of the top speakers in the application security community. This quarter we have web application security ninja Kevin Johnson that will be speaking. The title of his talk is “Ninja Developers: Application Security Testing and Your SDLC”.

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HIPAA: Rx For End-User Device Risks

HITECH breach notification requirements apply to breaches of “unsecured” Protected Health Information (PHI).  Basically, if electronic PHI data is encrypted, purged, or physically destroyed before it is inadvertently disclosed, then it doesn’t count as a breach. 

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