Monday, September 28, 2009

SMBv2 Exploit now in Metasploit as well as Screenshots!

As version 3.3 stable comes near, H.D. Moore and the crew from the Metasploit team has released a couple of great new features with the 3.3 dev version. Most notably last night was the commit for the latest SMBv2 remote code execution vulnerability that specifically targets Windows Vista and Windows 2008 and is still currently unpatched!!

The second awesome looking feature is the capability to take screenshots of an already compromised system through metasploit. When delivering the meterpreter payload you simply migrate to explorer.exe and type in screenshot /yourdir/screenshot.bmp, after that the victims machine will then be captured. Just another reason why the meterpreter console is one of the best post-exploitation swiss army knife out there.

Stay tuned for more Metasploit additions!

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