Monday, April 19, 2010

Brand Evolution

Evolution is key to survival in this business climate. That’s why SecureState has undergone a total rebranding effort and new website launch.

Overhauling your entire image is not necessary to rebrand. Simple tweaks to spruce up an image is often all that’s needed. And that’s what SecureState has done. There were already great ‘bones’ to the SecureState brand, so all we needed to do was freshen our image and allow our image to reflect the growth we’re experiencing. The changes have been integrated over a period of time and are now visible in every aspect of customer-facing material, from our Twitter page to client proposals and presentations to, of course, our brand new website, which has just been launched.

Speaking of our new website, be sure to check it out at! A lot of hard work went in to ensure that our website is now in line with the image we wish to portray. Our website is also much more informative and user friendly, and showcases what’s best about our services and offerings.

One of the things you’ll probably immediately notice is that all of our rebranding has been incorporated throughout the website. We’ve also added a new Media Center–it’s a one-stop shop to find all of our new case studies, whitepapers, blog entries, events, social media outlets, and much more. Our homepage has been updated to allow easier access to our industry-specific service offerings and to highlight our client success stories, which scroll across the bottom.

The strength of our company is now better reflected in our brand. As SecureState continues to provide the best service possible, we’ll also continue to portray that in our identity.

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